Thursday, January 29

I'm sorry about the mixup on my part over RSS. Fortunately, ATOM is just as easy to configure and use, and is compatible with all of the News Browsers I listed earlier (except for Net News Wire). For those of you who use Macs and/or those of you who use Windows but are having trouble with the other News Browsers, I have a solution. It's not a perfect solution (it strips out links and you can't click on it to get directly to a blog), but it will suffice. It's an Internet Application appliance called "Central" by Macromedia. You can download it for free here. Yes Mac users, apparently my favorite News Browser, Net News Wire, does not currently support ATOM, so I'm going to use Central myself. Those of you who do not have your own computer might also try using Central if you at least have access to a single computer you can use throughout the semester.