Thursday, January 29

Some of my favorite blog titles are:

(Clever Title) [Cynicism works.]
fire down south [Provincial and sexual at the same time.]
the universe of wigglebeewoo [I want to go there.]
My Blog Bog Comm Log [This sound dirty if you say it a few times.]
a dialogue between a bat and a bj [These are nicknames, but if you try to picture it it makes your brain hurt.]
Strength and Honor [Blog OOORAH!]
squiggly pimp [As fun to say as it is to picture.]
The Blog of Derek [Honest and simple, sort of like "The Tao of Steve."]
Musiciananigans [I include this because it's an exquisite torture to pronounce.]
fun fun fun [Someone's meds are working.]
TOUCH ME IN THE PRIVATE SPOT [I get the willies every time this title pops up.]
the legend of fast eddie [A blog with some 'tude.]
Sleazy fo' Sheezy [Blog Bloggy Blog]
DeLaWho? DeLaWhat? DeLaWhere? [A reference to his hometown. I like self-deprecation almost as much as bad puns.]
Caramel [Simple and sexy.]
mons binohead [I don't get it either but it appears to be a vaguely threatening homage to another student. Sick.]
absolut krazee [absolutely cool (check out the graphic).]
DenisonBaseball11 [Nothing fancy here, just the blog of an American dude.]
the amazing blog of Kim Kiernan [Could I borrow some of your self-esteem?]
pieces of reese [Sweeter than "Pieces of April".]
Look at the Blogs on Her [Blog chauvinism without apology--gotta love it.]
blog me! [How would you like it?]
morgan's first try at a "blog" [You can do it girl, take that first step!]