Monday, February 9

COMM 101: Figures to Identify in SoU (Group Blogs) #2, Due Friday 13th

I want links from every example you find of an assigned figure in the SoU to its definition in Silva Rhetoricae.
You'll have to right-click on the link to the figure and copy the URL from there, you can't just copy it from the web browser address line (because of the way Silva Rhetoricae is set up). So for example, in the case of the figure "abating" if you copied the URL from the web browser address bar you would only have the URL for the whole site: You need to right-click on the link to get the specific URL, which for "abating" would look like this: Verify that the name of the figure itself is on the end of the link.
Kyle Banahan: apologue, apophasis, apoplanesis Jessica Bing: aporia, aposiopesis, apostrophe Sam Bortz: apothegm, apparent refusal, appositio Ethan Branum: apposition, ara, articulus Matt Cammarata: aschematismus, aschematiston, asphalia Mardea Caulcrick: assonance, assumptio, assumption Alex Fant: avancer (the), asteismus, astrothesia Pia Ghose: asyndeton, auxesis, aversio Andrea Gomez: barbarism, battologia, bdelygmia Steve Grosse: benedictio, bomphiologia, brachiepia Greg Haar: brachylogia, broad floute (the), cacemphaton Liz Jackson: cacophonia, cacosyntheton, cacozelia Brie Jaquette: casus pro casu, catachresis, catacosmesis Ram Krishnamoorthy: cataphasis, cataplexis, categoria Allison Lesnett: cause shown, change of name, characterismus Sian Martin: charientismus, chiasmus, chorographia Matt Montgomery: chreia, chronographia, circumlocutio Fatima Ogunlana: civille jest (the), clause, climax Ivan Orsic: coenotes, colon, combined repetition Christine Pappas: comma, common cause, commoratio Scott Persing: communicatio, commutatio, comparatio Matt Petersen: compensatio, complexio, compositum ex contrariis Jordan Proefrock: comprobatio, conceit, concessio Nate Schmidt: conciliatio, conclusio, condescensio Kai Schwertner: condescension, conduplicatio, congeries Dean Scontras: conjunctio, consonance, contencion Seth Seymour: contentio, continued metaphor, contractio Ben Stapleton: contrarium, contrast, conversio Scott Towler: correctio, counterchange (the), counterfait in personation Kristin Wilkinson: counterfait place, counterfeit time (the), counter turne Adam Wolford: cutted comma (the), cutting from the end, deesis