Friday, February 20

COMM 228 Assignment for Monday:
A couple of brief additions. As I said in class, for Monday you may burn a CD, bring in an mp3 player or laptop, or post an audio file to your blog. I would also like for you to have a small segment (1-3 minutes) picked out that I will play for the class in class Monday. It should be a highlight from the weekend interview. Should be fun!
Supplemental tips for interview:
1) Always hold the mic--extend the mic towards your interviewee with the head of the mic slightly in front of and several inches below his or her mouth. When you talk bring it back to your mouth. Never hand the mic to your interviewee. I like to call this "mic control."
2) Don't encourage your interviewee to be a smartass. If you're a smartass then he or she probably will be too. This may seem funny and clever at the time (especially if you've had a bit to drink) but it won't sound so charming later on--just smug and juvenile. Open up to your interviewee, say things into the mic about yourself that make him or her feel safe and comfortable enough to do the same. Make it honest. Get the story, not the defensive posturing. Sarcasm and irony are fine in small doses, but don't try to be a Comedy Central host.
3) Don't f__k with your interviewees. Treat them with respect. Being a good interviewer is all about being a good listener. It's your job to give them the most generous listening possible. As the interviewer you are the director and your interviewee is your star actor. Don't "grandstand." No "Jerky Boys" sadistic self-indulgent bullshit.
4) Practice with your equipment before you go out to do your actual interviews. Test the volume levels, mic positioning, and so forth. If possible, monitor the interview with headphones during the interview. It's helpful to hear exactly what's being recorded.
5) Exercise your creativity. If you put some effort into these interviews, and the editing sessions that will follow in the weeks ahead, you could end up with a professional, broadcast-quality radio show. You'll be proud, and so will I.