Sunday, February 22

I think it's a good sign that several of you are now talking openly about your obsession with the Olsen twins. Healing begins with honesty.

Now for anyone out there that likes a little Cherry with his Milkshake it just so happens that I have Ashley Olsen's cell phone number.... One of my friends is really good friends with twins and hangs with them on a regular basis. So here is the scoop, Ashley is really laid back and I guess just gets obliterated on a regular basis but Mary Kate is incredibly stuck up.
My chicken-lipped roommate also has a picture of the twins hanging in the hall because my other roommate...found it too embarrassing to be put in the common room. So the moral of the story is, come out of the closet and embrace the Olsen twins and your awkward love for them because you are not alone.
[penetration station]
Also check out Adam's rant on the U of Colorado scandal. Be warned, it's not for the meek.