Monday, February 2

New Requirement: Now that we have our blogs and newsbrowsers set up, I want each of you to make at least one new post to your blog every day of the week (except Saturdays and Sundays). Each post must contain a link to someone else's blog in your same class. You may of course also link to outside websites in addition to a classmate's blog. Some days I will give you a topic to post on. On all other days you may post anything you want.
Clarification: You must actually link to a classmate's blog with a hyperlink. Here's the code again (copy & paste it):

<A HREF="">Denison</A> A related question I received from a student in email:
"I was just wondering if we could post twice in a day to count for a day that we might miss. I will be out of town from thursday night to sunday night and I don't think I will have access to the internet during that time to make a post for friday. So I wanted to know if I could make two posts on thursday or something to make up for this."
And the answer is yes.