Wednesday, February 11

To all of my classes:
Thank you for allowing me the detour through blog discourse, language, social justice, and Gen Y.
COMM 101 students: an understanding of the way terms acquire different meanings is of vital importance to the speech writer.
COMM 228 students: names, like items of clothing, are markers of status, ethnicity, social location, and identity (good stuff for episode topics). They are also part of the equipment we use to "perform" our own identity.
I was very happy with all of the good thinking you guys did and with the way we covered a full spectrum of positions. I learned from the experience. I suspect that over the next couple of days many of you will choose to blog about today's discussion. I encourage you to challenge yourselves and challenge the rest of us. If anyone finds any posts offensive, and you are not willing to offer a retort on your own blog, then let me reiterate that you should simply delete that person's newsfeed from your newsbrowser. My hope is that those of you who choose to blog on these issues can carry on a civil and vigorous dialogue, as we did in class. As always, I will refrain from censoring anything within reason.