Tuesday, February 10

Two related observations about the Janet/Justin fiasco that are right on target:
"Has it occurred to anyone, that it might be more offensive to continually repeat and zoom in on Janet Jackson's 'exposed' breast than it was to have a partial view during the superbowl."[DeLaWho? DeLaWhat? DeLaWhere?]
"But we(society) have created this monster with the Internet and TIVO; we were able to watch and rewatch this image over and over. Oh wait, then there is the television media, the newspapers, and every talk show aired the next day that made sure we all knew what had happened. CBS was concerned because they had such a large group of people watching their programming, meanwhile millions more people, who did not watch the Super Bowl, have now gotten a chance to see what happened." [stranded in ohio]
Btw, how many of you remember the Starr Report