Wednesday, March 3

When I posted a link to that satirical story about Bush proposing a constitutional amendment to ban gay sex on the moon I didn't expect that anyone (regardless of his or her position on the issue of gay marriage) would get more than a chuckle out of it. Boy was I mistaken! My critics respond below:

Is discussing a possibly false article banning gay sex on the moon really necessary? This may not be a valid article and it seems to be another ridiculous attempt to make Bush look bad. I can't ever imagine discussing an article on a web blog or in class that depicts Bush in a positive light. Everyone else can continue to slam Bush, but he will always have my support even though I disagree with some of his views. This whole issue gets me so fired up because the majority of people place all of the blame for poor decisions made in this country on Bush alone. There are many others who impact the decisions of our country so why must everyone point the finger at Bush? Don't believe all of the bullshit you read even if it is introduced to you by a professor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, maybe I'm just being picky, but I found Dr. Gilbert's posting bothersome. First of all, the only thing that preceeds the "news" excerpt is "interesting proposal from the Bush White House". After reading the entire article using the link, I was pretty sure it was satirical and made up. However, the article is referenced as being from the reliable news source, Reuters. Well being the investigative little junior detective that I am, I checked with Reuters. It is in fact NOT a Reuters article. It's a load of crap - which is, like I said, pretty clear anyway, but the way it is referenced makes it seem otherwise. My biggest problem is that Dr. Gilbert made no attempt to point out that this was a made-up article that had no factual value whatsoever. Whatever your political stance is, Dr. G., as a professor, it is irresponsible of you to post something like this without some sort of disclaimer. Not everyone would bother digging like I did, and some would blindly believe you simply because of your position. Please be more responsible with the way you do your "political agenda" postings.