Friday, April 23

I know I shouldn't blog this--I shouldn't I shouldn't I shouldn't. But Ivan's account is so deliciously descriptive and sincere that I can't resist. Glad to see that Ivan, who I gather is somewhat of a math whiz, can putt from both brain hemispheres. Ah the old college days!

Last night, a little after two o'clock, I walked into the bathroom with a razor and shaving cream in hand. The shower closest to the door was on. I washed my face and applied the shaving cream. I was almost finished shaving when I heard a female groan with pleasure. I convinced myself that I was hearing things because it was late. Well, I was wrong. I began to hear the slap of human flesh against human flesh. And the yelps of joy rang louder as I tried to touch up the spots I missed. Confused and bewildered, I stood there for 15 seconds to make sure that I wasnt making stuff up in my mind. Movement of the shower curtains was in unison with the noises being produced by the act being performed in shower #1. Like a deer in the headlights, I walked out of the bathroom. Apparently, the two people had been going at it for the 5+ minutes that I was shaving. I dont even know how to end this story because it was so unexpected. I mean its one thing to hear a girl giggle in the shower stall next to you, which I have heard. But, it is another thing to hear a girl get to the point where she can no longer hold back her happeniss. Before last night, I knew the showers were probably the sight of many a fling, but to see and hear those acts in progress was another thing. People who havent been put in that situation may say, oh Ivan stop being so uptight, but when your actually there you dont know how to react. I think I wouldnt have been so traumatized if I heard these sounds as I was walking in. But, the fact that they came after a couple of minutes of being in there is probably what has confused me so.

Confused in Crawford
[DeLaWho? DeLaWhat? DeLaWhere?]