Monday, July 5

A Personal Note

Well, I haven't found a job yet. Looks like I'll be part-timing at the Apple Store at Easton. Fun, but not what I had in mind. I'm also doing some freelance writing for a middle-school earth science textbook. I may yet still teach at a university in Tennessee in the fall, but I'm not sure. This is the second Bush recession I've suffered through--back in the early 90's it was Bush pere, now Bush fils. Well if it weren't for the first Bush recession I might never have gone to grad school, so....

I noticed Scott's play was cancelled. The only reason he stayed in Granville this summer was for that play. Sucks. Maybe I'll call him up.

Ivan continues to come up with quirky stories, including a recent outing to the beach that turned out to be more like an OUTING AT the beach!

Jersey is treating Andrea right (she's got a nice new blog template too).

And, well, Tim is my blogging hero.