Friday, February 20

Andrea posts in her group blog about how to change text formatting (bold, italic, underline) to distinguish between overlapping rhetorical figures in the SoU. That's a really good idea, since any combination of these formatting styles is visible. Now I'm wondering how overlap could be represented in other ways. Maybe some sort of Java or Flash solution here? Any ideas? Not that I would make you guy do this--I'm just curious about what I could do in the future. I have posted earlier on how to change the colors on your blog, and several of you have done fun stuff with color. Another thing you can do is change just the color of specific text. Here's the command:

<font color=?>I am font of any color you want me to be.</font> Replace the ? with the color code you want.
It's really easy to do this, and you don't even need an airbrush or clearcoat.